Here’s what I’ve been listening to:


Trap Them — Darker Handicraft

Genre: metal, hardcore, metalcore

Year: 2011

Trap Them are probably my favourite metal band around right now and this album is one of my favourite metal albums. Huge plus, this album is produced by Kurt Ballou, guitarist-producer of genre pioneers Converge, and producer of some of the best heavy records of the past two years (High on Fire, Nails, Sumac, Torche). I will be reviewing their latest release, Crown Feral, which already sounds pretty tasty, soon.

Necessaries — Event Horizon

Genre: early alternative, post-punk

Year: 1982

Full disclosure. I don’t really know anything about this band or the album. It was an accidental discovery, a very ‘internet age’ discovery. Having said that, I’m glad to have discovered this album. It sounds like a weirder Feelies or a less frantic Gang of Four.

(I can’t seem to find any sort of official link, but google the name of the artist and the album name, and you’ll find it on YouTube.)

Koushik — Be With2271175

Genre: instrumental hip-hop, chill, downtempo

Year: 2004

At first I was hesitant to give this album a shot, because it sounded like the sort of music that brain-dead yuppies listened to in their hard-day’s-night drug-taking parties. It had all the red flags reverb-soaked vocals, Ibiza-sounding guitars, a ‘chill’ album released on a hip-hop label (Stones Throw Records). Despite my closed-mindedness, I’ve grown to really like the album.

You can get it on iTunes/ Apple Music here: https://itun.es/in/nMIhe

Equiknoxx — Bird Sound Powerequiknoxx_bird_dds

Genre: hell if i know, post-dancehall apparently

Year: 2016

This is one of my favourite albums this year. I recommend you go into it cold, zero expectations.

You can get it off of apple music here: https://itun.es/in/Ni69db

Reuben — Racecar Is Racecar Backwardsreuben

Genre: high school crooning/screaming alternative rock/metal

Year: 2004

I decided to try this record out because I had never occurred to me that racecar is indeed racecar backwards. Once I got over memories of all the stupid things I had done in high school while listening of inferior versions of this album (whiny white-boy alternative metal), I started truly enjoying it. It’s not anyone’s favourite genre, but it’s a solid genre album.

Yet another iTunes/ Apple Music link: https://itun.es/in/zZRL2)

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