My 50 Favourite Albums of the Year (Alphabetically Arranged)

A Giant Dog — Pile one of the best versions of slightly angry pop-punk fronted by a woman.
A Tribe Called Quest — We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service if an album could exceed the unreasonable expectations I had on this one…
Alcest — Kodama i’ve always been curious enough to check each of their releases — this is their best.
Anderson .Paak — Malibu incredible soul/funk/rap/hiphop/r&b/every-genre-ever album.
Aphex Twin — Cheetah this is great electronic music. it’s not just on the list because it’s aphex twin.
Blood Orange — Freetown Sound one of two reverb-drenched, conscious pop music records on this list.
Bob Mould — Patch the Sky a simple rock record by the husker du dude, it’s always over before you know it.
Bon Iver — 22, A Million whatever anyone expected this record to sound like, it sounded different and better.
Cobalt — Slow Forever i didn’t think i could still enjoy simple american metal as a fully grown adult, i can.
D.D.Dumbo — Utopia Defeated pop album of the year probably, extra props for teetering on the edge of world music.
Danny Brown — Atrocity Exhibition first album on this list on it primarily because of sampling, great stuff.
David Bowie — Blackstar when i first heard blackstar (the song) i didn’t know he was going to die, still sad.
De La Soul — and the Anonymous Nobody… everybody should get one nostalgia pick, this is mine.
Deathspell Omega — The Synarchy of Molten Bones my favourite metal (maybe even overall) album of the year, still peeling layers off.
Deftones — Gore probably my 2nd favourite deftones album after white pony, less metal, more rock.
DJ Shadow — The Mountain Will Fall almost gets a spot only because of the number of times i looped nobody speak.
Driftmachine — Colliding Contours if you prefer getting out of clubs to being inside, this is the album for you.
Equiknoxx — Bird Sound Power my favourite electronic album of the year, this dubby dancehally album is just great.
Factory Floor — 25 25 Some of the most interesting electronic around. tickles my lcd soundsystem bone.
Frank Ocean — Endless and Blonde this is yet another case of an artist exceeding almost hilarious amounts of hype.
Future of the Left — The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left not my favourite album from one of my favourite bands, that said, still gnarly, angry.
Inter Arma — Paradise Gallows great year for metal and relapse, this is sludgy, groovy, psychy on another level.
Israel Vines — Gatekeepers dark electronic people for a dark electronic sort of year.
James Blake — The Colour in Anything the 2nd half is admittedly stronger than the first, but still one of my for-sure top-tens.
Kanye West — The Life of Pablo one of my favourite records of the year, again, primarily because of the sampling.
Kaytranada — 99.9% the best soundtrack to a 3 am spent alone i have heard in a very long time.
Kemper Norton — Toll meditative’ is the new ‘transcendental’, this is the sort of album where the word fits.
Kendrick Lamar — untitled unmastered. if kendrick lamar puts an album out, it makes it to your year-end list, that’s just math.
Matmos — Ultimate Care II an electronic album made using a washing machine as an instrument, eye-roll, wow.
Motorpsycho — Here Be Monsters swedish prog-rock stalwarts who make the best drift-away prog-rock i have heard.
Nails — You Will Neve Be One Of Us punch-the-walls metal that is guaranteed to make you snap your neck.
NAO — For All We Know the second of two reverb-drenched, conscious pop music records on the list.
Neurosis — Fires Within Fires i don’t know how neurosis keep coming up with relevant diy post-metal.
New Keepers of the Water Towers — Infernal Machine everything you need to know about this album i have already written.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds — Skeleton Tree a glacial record about grappling with grief, my favourite nick cave record.
Nicolas Jaar — Sirens electronic album of the year, i have no idea how music this good is made.
Pantha du Prince — The Triad this is what i think minimal/ambient electronic music is supposed to sound like.
Schammasch — Triangle downside: longer than it needs to be, upside: some of the best bm this year.
ScHoolboy Q — Blank Face immersive, got me rethinking my relationship with gangsta rap, we’re on a break.
Swet Shop Boys — Cashmere this album grows and grows and grows on you. gets in because of sheer catchiness.
Tackle — Benzedrine incredibly dark electronic music done right, word-less stories are told like this.
The Avalanches — Wildflower a lot of chatter about how influential they are, not enough about how good they are.
The Body — No One Deserves Happiness we all feel like shit once in a while, this is that moment in rock album form.
The Dillinger Escape Plan — Dissociation limerent death has to be the best side one track one of the year. also, heaviest.
Tim Hecker — Love Streams close your eyes and follow the patterns on the back of your eyelids to this album.
Trap Them — Crown Feral best metal act in the world releases a pretty solid album, sold.
Ulcerate — Shrines of Paralysis almost liked this album as much as the DSO album. one of the few i’ve looped.
Vektor — Terminal Redux i’m told this is a concept album about spaceships, etc. it’s just good metal to me.
Xiu Xiu — Xiu Xiu plays the music of Twin Peaks i have never watched twin peaks, so keep that in mind. one of my favourites, though.
Zao — Zenophobe/Fear Itself i’m cheating, this is a single. but i liked it so much, it wouldn’t be fair to leave it out.

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