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Hello all,

Thanks for coming in today. I know you didn’t have to come to this session. So we’re glad you could make it. Today’s Liberals’ Handbook chapter is about cultural appropriation, how to spot it, how to avoid it, and how a liberal consumer can ensure a commensurate response to cultural appropriation.

We’ll start with an example in modern advertising.

“I’m here to tell you the good news about the latest Shüs.”

“I was up ‘late-night ballin’ with the hunnys’ when this idea struck. This concept. Half dark-arts, half light-farts. All inspiration. Presenting the latest in shoe-tech.:

Shü — Rack Stack Edition.

Simple as simple can be. A dimple for your feet. A treat for your eyes. Sky-high thinking for the sky-high generation.

Sketches For My Sweetheart The Goth

Journal entry no: 3

Reader count: 8

“If you really are at peace with your station in life, if you really have achieved ‘existential equilibrium’, as you call it, there’s no way to tell through your writing,” Akara said today, rather dismissively.

Well fuck you too, Akara. I have no patience for condescension.

I’ve seen the worst minds of my generation revel in the failure of others, waiting for them to fail so they can whisper dirt in their direction.

My new-found misanthropy ends in resurrection. I can feel it coming, in the air tonight, on a flight of stairs, a fright.

But first, a crucifixion.

How fitting that the atheist with a messiah complex, and nothing to save but his fragile ego, has himself killed, only to return a changed man. I can see it already:

> A montage

> Girls ruing their poor choices in soulmates

> Me punching sheep carcasses in a barn in the Tundra

> Me thrashing a racist white American in the ring

> And the heavyweight champion of the worldddddddddddd…….

The progression of Arctic Monkeys’ career parallels my relationship with self-obsession:

Become more LA, somehow more obsessed with yourself than you were in 2006. Somehow more obsessed with yourself than women, which is really saying something. But somehow still be capable of pulling off something like No. 1 Party Anthem when you give someone else even as little as close to a percent of the mindspace you devote to yourself.

In writing as in the bedroom, things start getting troublesome when your brain overtakes your fingers.

How will this end, your brain asks.

As Akara says so sarcastically, “how do you think this will end?”




I’m giving you a take home assignment, optional of course, but it would be great if you could do it. “When is it appropriate to call a woman a bitch?” Think about it, and we’ll have a conversation about your perspectives next week.

Thanks for attending the Liberals’ Handbook. I hope to see you all next week. As always, you can use our app to give us thorough and honest feedback. I encourage you to do so.